Sudha Murty Books at Discounted Rates Online

Sudha Murty Books at Discounted Rates Online

Sudha Murty, better known as the wife of software industrialist, N.R. Narayana Murthy is the Chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. Being the wife of Narayana Murthy, she could have led a comfortable life in the shadow of her illustrious husband. However, Sudha Murty found happiness in doing philanthropic work rather than spending money superfluously. She has done exemplary work for the betterment of the Indian society. Being an independent woman, Sudha Murty carved an identity for herself and is now a social worker, philanthropist, educator, author, and venture investor.

Sudha Murty is a well-known fiction writer. An ardent book lover, she likes to read about anthropology, computer science, archaeology, mathematics and logic. Author of more than 20 books in English as well as Kannada, her works have been translated into all major Indian languages.

Sudha Murty Books
Sudha Murty has written novels, travelogues, non-fiction, short stories and technical books. The following are some of her popular works.

* How I Taught My GrandMother to Read & Other Short Stories
* Dollar Bahu
* Mahashweta
* The Bird with Golden Wings
* Fasal Cut
* Wise & Otherwise: A Salute to Life
* A Wedding in Russia
* Sweet Hospitality
* Old Man and His God
* Magic Drum & Other Favorite Stories
* Gently Falls the Bakula

Dollar Bahu
Originally written in Kannada, the main protagonist is a mother-in-law who considers her American daughter-in-law to be better than her Indian daughter-in-law simply because her American daughter -in-law lives in the land of dreams. She goes on to live with her son in America, only to realize that grass is not always greener on the other side as Indians living in America face the same challenges and hardships as their counterparts in India.

Wise and Otherwise: A Salute to Life
Sudha Murty shares her experiences as a teacher and social worker in the form of fifty anecdotal essays. She talks about the unsung heroes and their crusade against corruption, ignorance and poverty.

It narrates the story of a young girl suffering from leukoderma. She is unjustly stigmatized by the society but she braves it out with the help of some good-hearted souls.

Magic Drum and Other Favorite Stories
It is a collection of stories that she had heard from her grandparents. These are timeless stories about kings, princesses, wise men, foolish boys and so on which are favorite characters of children of all ages.

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