Make Money Producing And Selling Your Own Ebook

Make Money Producing And Selling Your Own Ebook

Even if you are not new to Internet Marketing, it is surprising how few believe they can write or produce their own INFO PRODUCTS. While many have bought or possibly promoted Ebooks, few are aware of the reason why Ebooks are such a great product to write, sell and promote and how they can be instrumental in building your home business success!

When starting something like this, you should always consider the viral factor. You want your ebook to spread virally across eBay or Amazon and hopefully for it to turn up in other ebook collections, shops and offers as a bonus. People need to be able to find it for you to get sales.

You need to be constantly asking yourself the WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? What would cause other people to want to REALLY resell your ebook? You have to put yourself in their shoes, and then think about the WIIFM.

So what would strongly motivate you to resell someone else’s ebook? First you would need to feel that the ebook is not only well written and interesting but that there is also a hungry audience waiting to buy it to fulfill a need or solve a problem. This would mean that the obvious motivation of MAKING MONEY is fulfilled.

Many also use ebooks to build a mailing list and that can be a good enough reason to often give the ebook away. A list of loyal and satisfied subscribers can be turned into a money machine if you follow the right methods. The other reason for possibly giving the ebook away or offering affiliates 100% commission is to spread your reputation and establish a loyal following. This gives you a good reputation and earns respect so that your future subscribers are more likely to buy from you in the future as they know and trust and respect you as a good authority or source of advice in your chosen field.

There can also be a number of minor reasons you’d resell a particular ebook, but the biggest WIIFM for most people is money. This means you need to set up a system where the reseller can make a nice amount of money on the back end after selling your ebook. The more the better, for both of you.

Let’s look at how YOU can make money and then we’ll see how we can adapt things so that the reseller makes money too.

Before you even write your ebook, you have to do a bit of market research. This is a complete topic in its own right, that requires a separate analysis. Let’s assume you’ve done your research and you’ve found something you CAN write about, you WANT to write about, and that it’s also a hot topic with a hungry market.

The first part in this process is to write your ebook. How you write it is another big topic I’m not going to cover in this short article. Many who do not have the confidence or flair to write a lengthy complete ebook in one go use various systems that separate and split the topic into parts giving them more confidence and making the task more manageable. A series of short reports or articles can often be used as a basis for a complete ebook.

After completing your first draft that was checked for typos etc. you should put links to similar, relevant products throughout your ebook. These links will be your affiliate links to those other products, so if someone clicks one and buys, you’ll get paid a commission.

Example: You write an ebook on tennis, and now you want to promote some tennis products within your ebook. You could go searching on Google for tennis affiliate programs, but the easiest way is to go to CLICKBANK and search their market place for tennis-related products.

Choose the products you want to promote carefully so that the trust and loyalty that you want to build up with your future customers will be compromised. Check out each of the sales pages of the products you like the look of, and ask yourself if YOU would buy that product. Again this is a complete separate subject that can be covered elsewhere.

After you’ve chosen the products you want to promote, rewrite parts of your ebook and work in a mention of those products together with your affiliate link. Use a link cloaker or redirect to hide the fact that it’s an affiliate link and protect your commissions. Also you want an invitation to an opt in form where interested subscribers can sign up to your mailing list. This may include mention of a Newsletter or free gifts to entice them to leave their email and build your list.

Finally, do another rewrite of your ebook and “juice it up” a little. Dry facts are okay, but it’s always better if you can work in a bit of controversy or mystery and use words like SECRETS, REVEALED, HOT TIPS, YOUR SUCCESS etc. Don’t go over the top and create too much hype and overblown facts or your credibility will be questioned. It is important to get the right balance between keeping the readers interest but not losing your credibility with too much hype and overblown promises etc.

And finally, make it look good and easy to read using pictures and plenty of white space to break up the text with short paras and maybe some use of bold or italics.

Okay so now you have your ebook full of your affiliate links. Your next step is to start listing it on sites like eBay and ebook directories/shops with master resale rights (MRR). To get people to buy it, you’ll have to do a good job on your sales page, which should also be part of the package. Some also use a Squeeze page or intro video as a pre sale method to qualify the visitor before they read the sales page and increase the chances of them converting and becoming buyers.

After a month of listing it (it may take longer), and taking all the necessary steps, you’ll have ebook resellers buying it and listing it themselves. From that point it will spread virally across and outside eBay.

Now you have a source of free advertising. You don’t need to list it on eBay any more as plenty of other people are doing it for you. And all the people that buy it and read it will be clicking on your affiliate links, and some will buy. Better still, many will be signing up to your mailing list if your offer is attractive enough.

An example of another way to promote is you write TWO ebooks on the same subject.

One is a short 10-20 page report with MRR offered FREE and used to build your opt in list. The other is the larger more valuable ebook that you’re either going to charge money for and use the report to promote it and get resellers interested etc. Its using the same system as a pre sale squeeze/landing page linked to a sales page. One feeds into the other converting more into buyers.

You start selling the report on eBay and wait until it’s picked up by other resellers. Inside the report, you make it clear there’s a complete version that can be obtained just by going to your web site, and there you make your offer. They get the complete ebook at a special price and you also get their first name and their email address, and you then have them on your mailing list.

And for a slight variation…….

You could sell the larger ebook with a commission paid out to the ebook reseller who has signed up to your affiliate scheme and then rebranded the small report with their affiliate link.

You may want to build a mailing list as your main priority, and forego any money made on the larger ebook. So you could give 100% commission to the affiliate and make your larger ebook $ 17.00 or more.

Now THERE’s a good incentive for affiliates to resell your ebook. They’re going to

a) make money on the upsell, and
b) get a chance to build their own mailing list too if they use SmartDD!

Especially with the follow up email 24 hours later to make an offer of their own.

Ebooks and products are the easiest and fastest item to sell digitally with the lowest costs. Whether you are a writer, buyer, seller or promoter of ebooks you can make a good living online by following some of these sound methods and strategies. Start writing now.

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