Book Review: Forest Trouble In Kerfubble

Book Review: Forest Trouble In Kerfubble

In What’s the Trouble in the Forest of Kerfubble?, written by Roger Sulham and illustrated by spouse Jennifer, a family of hares panic after they hear a mysterious boom. One wakes the other two and they run off together crying through the forest, gathering forest animals until all the animals in the forest of Kerfubble are crying and stampeding from what they believe is an army of invading monsters. Published by Inkblot Press LLC, ISBN: 9780-9826414-9-1, this 32-page picture book and children’s rhyming story is written for early readers up to age 9.

Using animals as a metaphor to educate children about life lessons goes back to Aesop, and Roger and Jennifer Sulham carry on that tradition by combining words and illustrations to tell an entertaining, vivid story of what can happen when rumors and fear take the place of self-reliance and self-control.

When we see the hares sound asleep in their burrow at the beginning of the story, we can also see how a mysterious boom could cause them to jump to conclusions about the origin. And when they run with a “splat” into Bobo the cat, we see how the fear in their eyes could lead to Bobo’s panic.

But when the mysterious “trouble” becomes “horrible monsters as tall as a spruce,” there lies the opportunity to see how the chaos could have been avoided, and the Sulhams introduce a helpful element at the end of the story for either the reader or a parent to begin that discussion.

What’s the Trouble in the Forest of Kerfubble? was fun to read and fun to view. I can’t wait to share it with the little ones in my family. Roger Sulham learned screenwriting from UCLA and Jen is an elementary school teacher. They have been married for 22 years and have 2 amazing children.

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