How to Make a Flipbook or eBook Using eBook Software

How to Make a Flipbook or eBook Using eBook Software

Creating, designing, and publishing your book has never been easier than with flipb, ebook software. The first and often the most challenging part of creating an ebook is the content. Before you design or distribute your ebook you must first brainstorm, plan, and format the content that will reside in your ebook. Just take it one page and a time and you’ll finish before you know it.

Creating an ebook is not like creating a traditional paper book. An ebook is available online and must be treated as such. You must consider the interactive ability of creating a digital edition of your book. People read books to learn or to be entertained, why not include as many features to help your readers interact with your book, text, and meaning as possible to yield the best possible results. Once you have written the contents of your ebook, you can work on the imagery. This comes in two forms, the cover page and the images within the book. Even though it’s a popular saying, most people do judge a book by its cover, so put some effort into it and create the best cover possible. Here are some helpful tips for your ebook cover page.

1. The title should be big and easy to read. This is more important than ever. (Many people will first encounter your cover on a screen, not on a shelf.)
2. Don’t forget to review a thumbnail image of the cover. More people are buying books on a Kindle or mobile device, so you want the cover to read clearly no matter where it appears.
3. Do not use any of the following fonts: Comic Sans or Papyrus. These fonts are only acceptable if you are writing a humor book.
4. No font explosions! (And avoid special styling.) Avoid the temptation to put words in caps, italics caps, outlined caps, etc.
5. Do not use your own artwork, or your children’s artwork, on the cover. Do not use cheap clip art on your cover.

The second form that imagery comes into play is with the images inside your book that help to break up the text. It is important to think about if you want to incorporate images throughout your book. Here are some helpful hints we found regarding how to format the images in your ebook:

1. Resize large images to 300 pixels high if you would like them to display in-line with text.
2. Do all image resizing outside of the document, then reinsert them before saving.
3. All images should be 72 – 300 DPI (300 DPI preferred).

Now that you’ve written and formatted your ebook, it’s time to add some finishing touches. In today’s world everything is going digital. Utilizing an ebook software application can help you to reach a wider audience and help to make your ebook as interactive as possible. The greatest feature about going digital is that you can add interactive elements without the added cost of having colorful printed images throughout your book. Creating an ebook is like creating an experience and utilizing ebook software such as flipb can help you to fully maximize your ebooks potential.

Upload your ebook into our digital publishing software and create a fully immersive experience full of your own branding and colors. You can customize button skins, background colors or images, add your own logo, add background music, change the bookmark colors, change the note colors, and so much more. You can then add features for your readers and how they can interact with your publication. You can allow them to print, crop, bookmark, create notes, zoom, translate, download, and share. They can share your book on their favorite social media sites, email it to friends, or you can post it on your website and they can access it from there.

You can then link your table of contents to the sections of your book for easy navigation through your ebook. This is extremely helpful for authors that have large books with lots of content. Add a bit of fun and add a pop up image or video of yourself, the author, to connect with your readers on a whole new level.

Discouraged about publishing an ebook online or scared that the distribution power of the world wide web will give it to the masses with no profit left for you? Not to worry, flipb is here. With our password protection feature you can secure your publication with one unique password. Did you still want to be able to pass out copies of your books? No problem, with our ebook software, you can create offline versions of your flipbook, transfer them onto a CD, DVD, or flash drive, and distribute with ease with no added printing costs.

Now it’s time to get it in the eager hands of the masses. The great thing about living in today’s world is that even completely unknown authors have the ability to get global distribution through ebook platforms. Publish your ebook using our ebook software, flipb, and see the amazing results for yourself. Test it out and download a free 30-day trial of our ebook software.

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