Book Review: Six Great Short Stories

Book Review: Six Great Short Stories

Robert M. de la Torre’s Six Great Short Stories is just that: an entertaining collection of short stories embroidered around the themes of adventure, love, and friendship. The plots stand strong amidst excellent character development. Six Great Short Stories caters primarily to young adults with its imaginative stories of budding romance and adventure.

Torre’s first story, “Always Walking Barefoot,” captures the nostalgia of childhood friendship. The plot is reminiscent of Huck Finn and other pastoral tales of friends wreaking havoc in the countryside. The protagonists of the story are a ten-year-old boy, Ben, and Freida. The theme that runs throughout this story is the naivete and innocence of youth, no unlike the themes in Katherine Patterson’s Bridge to Terabithia. Ultimately, this story brings lessons on values, morals, and treating others as you would like to be treated.

“Captain Lime,” the second in this set of short stories, features a lightning-quick pace and dialogue that brings discourse straight from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Set in 1576, this whirlwind of a story takes off with a shipwreck–and never looks back.

Torre does an excellent job in giving each story its own voice and life. While the stories each feature different settings, plots, and characters, thereby creating intense interest, they are all skillfully bound together with a thematic thread woven of love, friendship, and a great sense of adventure.

Readers will notice, too, the author’s experimentation with font types and text formatting. This serves to make the story aesthetically pleasing to its audience. All in all, this is a feel-good, original collection of stories that not only draws a laugh, but leaves the reader in awe of the expansive creativity of the author, Robert M. De la Torre. The book can be ordered at and almost everywhere books are sold.

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