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Book Review For The Lightening Thief

by Tim Parkin Book Review For The Lightening Thief The Lightening Thief, by Rick Riordan, is one of a kind. The first in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, this book sets the pace for all the books that follow. Many fantasy books focus on humans having super powers, or they bring in the

Uglies Book Review

by cizauskas Uglies Book Review Scott Westerfeldss guide Uglies, the very first within the Uglies trilogy, is actually a ebook unquestionably worthy of examining. That book is actually action-packed, includes a stunning story, in addition to inspects the long run in a fresh new mild. Sometimes for those proclaiming too fast paced to see and

Book Review: John Hershey

by Old Shoe Woman Book Review: John Hershey John Hershey’s Mr. Mean Streak is the riveting tale of John C. Phillips, former member of the U. S. Army. After winning 127 million dollars in the Virginia lottery, he takes his wealth to California where he adapts quickly to the jet-set lifestyle. He purchases a mansion

Book Review: Options When You Live Alone

by decor8 Book Review: Options When You Live Alone Frances Frommer’s Surviving & Thriving Solo: Options When You Live Alone is essentially a guide to leading successful lives while being alone. At the same time, this is also an excellent and purposeful read for those that care about people living on their own. While the

Book Review: The Music is Written

by AZM-GRAPHIX Book Review: The Music is Written Tatiana Pietrzak’s The Music is Written is a riveting compilation of poetry that strives to journey into the world of music, sounds, and rhythm. Pietrzak’s subject selection for her poetry is intriguing because of the dynamic between poetry and music. Throughout the poems in the book, Pietrzak